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I have been an interior designer for over 30 years and I love teaching my clients the principles I use while decorating their home. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.
When I first began posting in Active Rain a little over a year ago, I had just spent a year learning how to optimize my web site so explicit keywords were clearly an important step in my mind. What I didn't know or realize was the long list it would create down the side of my blog.Sometimes I get...
And jungle language...they must have had a big laugh at that one. Think how much fun they are have imagining our reactions. We deserve it though after complaining about the repetitive fruits over and over and over...I know we have started many posts requesting our graphics to be deciphered, expla...
Growing up in LA meant that you did your shopping within a one mile radius from your house. We did our grocery shopping, clothes shopping, went to the dentist and doctor on the corner and belonged to the closest church We were loyal to our local businesses and they trusted our loyalty and often l...
One of the hardest things for a family to deal with is living in a product. Here are some tips to help speed up the process.  Keeping the house 'up' while it is on the market; Often times tidy spaces are the most difficult to maintain. One of the best benefits in staging is ridding yourself and y...
Below is the announcement opening the voting procedure for Stager Idol but voting is now closed and we are off to the next phase with our top 10!   It's finally here; our first opportunity to see all the before and staged pictures and vote on them.  Voting for your favorite Stager Idol competiti...
  I was a little selfish for not posting this link... Write it down and save it because it has a way of disappearing without notice. After searching in my email, sent list, and deleted list, I remembered who sent it to me. The best way for me to hang onto this link is ...
Hey fellow stagers...just cruising the Before and After group, and I see dozens of rooms that look like real winners to me. I do not know who has submitted their photo's to Stager Idol but I do know that if you don't enter, you cannot win and you may very well regret it. You know who I am talking...
I have an addiction I would like to confess knowing I am in good company. I am addicted to tearing pages out of magazines no matter where I am...the doctors office, the dentist, any waiting room will do. I just have to have "it" and feel so lucky I stumbled upon the best plaster wall color, or th...
That's right! You are NOT GREEN until you order your very own bamboo sheets! I am not kidding. I might be the last one to know about these but I understand they feel way beyond the silkiest thread count.I am so excited about taking my green living to a new level that I am announcing the product i...
I subscribe to several enlightening newsletters having to do with green living but...I would like to know if I am missing the BIG one...that one connection that you feel is the best one with the best informationHere is a list of who I subscribe to currentlyCare2Environmental Defense Action Fund (...

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