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Local Oddities and Other Tidbits
  Closing its theatrical release with figures of $1,024,299,904 – the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland can be rightfully tagged as the best remake ever. The box office gross of the film puts it on the 11th place among the highest grossing films of all times just behind by some $3 M to Star War...
  The tempting presentations of pizza commercials along with the fine taste they offer makes many pizza lovers to embark in making their own pizza at the comfort of their homes. Thus, the comparison between home made pizza dough and those that are commercially available is important to see the ac...
  As a boob tube addict, I try my very best to watch TV shows that would bring variety to my viewing habit. I have my favorite reality TV shows, animated series, news, series, etcetera etcetera ad infinitum. The TV show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is just one of the shows that is worthy of ...
  Located at 1213 U Street, Ben’s Chili Bowl is one of the famous places in Washington DC. It is a melting pot of residents and visitors where they bow down to the delicious taste of its chili dogs, half-smokes, and milkshakes. Since its establishment in 1958 by Ben Ali, the restaurant has been f...
  Despite the obvious risks of incurring illnesses like kidney problems, many individuals are still munching their favorite salty snacks. Although majority of these individuals are aware of the health risks they can bring, they simply can’t stop themselves to get bite after bite of these salt-sho...
  It seems that going green is really very in considering that there are great efforts exerted to make daily lives as close to a greener lifestyle. Everyone can make it happen even without hurting the budget too much. Here are some few tips towards a greener life.   Refrain from using bottled wat...
  Getting a beach body for display on resorts and beaches during the summer months is an ideal for majority of individuals. However, the rigorous gym workouts and specific diet plans do not suit all individuals. The busy lifestyles of professionals and the different nutritional needs of every peo...
  Despite tons of efforts exerted to close house or property sales deals, many lenders are still falling short of successful deals. One problem associated with this is that some lenders simply forget to promptly send in closing documents to the titling agency or to the lawyer tasked on the proper...
Every person has a natural craving for something sweet every after meal. This led to the creation of wonderful and truly mouth-watering desserts that would keep someone asking for more. Here’s the top 10 list of local desserts around the Washington DC area, some of which are native while others h...
  The success of real estate campaigns depend on the marketing tactics used to reach the target audience. In the world of real estate, marketing mailing is well-known. It is a process that requires the gathering of email addresses and mailing addresses of potential clients. Thus, the use of postc...

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