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This blog centers around the adventures and observations of experienced stager, Juliet Johnson, who has specialized in the luxury real estate market of North Central New Jersey for the last 8 years and is now located in Jacksonville, FL. Along the way, I've picked up ton of tips about relocating, since I've now moved 3 times in 3 years, and a fair amount of skill in web based marketing and local SEO. I now offer online visibility training and social media management to small businesses, realtors and home sellers throughout the US.
Hi guys, Those of you who have non-airconditioned, non-heated storage facilities.... what do you do to protect the fabric stuff? --- the pillows, the linens, etc.--- All tips gratefully appreciated. (Moving tomorrow, and my inventory is being moved too!  Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)  Every bit as...
Here we were --                                 and here's where we ended up --                         Don't professional photos make a difference?   Thanks, all, who contributed to the previous discussion.  Showings have been brisk, with lots of great feedback.  Unfortunately, the home is...
Facebook Business Pages for Real Estate - 7 practical points from an expert I respect - ============== For the latest training available on Agent 2.0 and Web 2.0 for Real Estate, please visit http://web2-0forrealestateseminars.com ==============About a week ago, I gave some background on what I'v...
      As Twitter gains in popularity, so does the number of followers those of us who have been on there awhile are gaining.  I have to confess that now that I have over 2,000 followers, I'm not 100% sure of each and everyone of them.  I recognize the faces, but can't always place their name, the...
Sometimes you walk into a home and just go "aaaaagh, how beautiful!  Can I tweak it, some?"  Such fun.       Isn't that tone on tone living room just to die for? I loved it and have been plotting how to have one in my future -- =====================================================================...
  I have had a bug up my *~* for too long now as result of Zillow's 'zestimate' feature being so hopelessly out of date.  Maybe it's time for another look?Whenever talking about web 2.0 or social media for real estate, I always repeat what I've been taught -- go play in traffic  Instead of going ...
Hi Folks, I'm chatting with Burgdorff's #1 Realtor today at 2 about Telling the Value Story.  We are hearing over and over that now is a great time to buy because of the incredible values out there.  OK.  So, if you're working with a seller, how do make your house the best possible value without ...
A question I was asked this week -- do I have to put the house back into show shape for the Appraiser?   Yeah, you do!   Here's why? #1 The Appraiser is only coming to the house to give it a value.  You can not afford for them to be leery of anything when they arrive at that dollar amount. #2  Yo...
Warning:  I don't know the answer on this one... I'm asking for the advice of any and all who'd like to contribute.  I have 2 questions.  But first, the context. I went to consult on a bright, spacious, 3 BR, 3 Bath apartment this morning.  It's a sunny, spacious home in a luxury mid-rise buildin...
Thanks to Geoff Williams, who wrote a fun article about how buyers behave like petulant, irrational daters when looking for houses.  Often, he writes, it really has nothing to do with what the seller has or has not done.  It's just that the buyer doesn't feel it.         I encourage you to read a...

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Once a Manhattan realtor, I have bought and sold 12 homes in 19 years in 4 countries. That, and 7 years of staging homes for sale in New Jersey adds up to a lot of experience.

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