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This blog centers around the adventures and observations of experienced stager, Juliet Johnson, who has specialized in the luxury real estate market of North Central New Jersey for the last 8 years and is now located in Jacksonville, FL. Along the way, I've picked up ton of tips about relocating, since I've now moved 3 times in 3 years, and a fair amount of skill in web based marketing and local SEO. I now offer online visibility training and social media management to small businesses, realtors and home sellers throughout the US.
Those who say, "home staging doesn't make sense for properties below $100,000" will have those homes languish on the market unsold, racking up costs and eroding profit.  You are better off spending a little money to illustrate the potential of a property UP FRONT so that it sells immediately and ...
So read the first email this morning.  One of my dearest friends, very busy,prolific, successful wealth management and retirement planner.Here's the article:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/20/garden/20dressing.html?_r=1&oref=slogin&pagewanted=allIts title is actually "Setting the Stage, Offstage.....
          It was gray this morning and cold.  Still, I was up early, excited about the day.  I was taking a client to the plant wholesaler to buy materiale for thier new realty office.  This was the view walking in.Then, as we looked around, the choices.... we are always sorely starved of lush gr...
Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Werner Berger, the eldest North American to have climbed all Seven Summits.  He stood on top of Mount Everest at the age of 70!  "Werner, how long does it really take for someone to enact a change in their behavior?"  I say, wondering if it'll be the...
Hi Friends - Swirling around my world of late has been the whole notion of audio on websites. How we would use it, etc. Does it really make things more personal?  I decided to try it on my own website....  It sounds fun, and makes it less of a shock, I think, when I pick up the phone and have a t...
Hi Friends,If you read my last post on Foreclosures, you already know that when a bank reclaims a property through Foreclosure, they pay a hauler to come in, clean out the place and throw the stuff away.  I have asked if we can intercept this stuff on the way to the dump and see if it can't be us...
So now that we have the standard staging stuff out of the way, in part 1, let's drill down and look at what the "new construction" really means to a buyer.At the recent International Home Builder's Show in Orlando, FL, a panel of experts discussed the following "wants" surveyed consumers are look...
Not the fabric guy, the Real Estate/ Enlightened Wealth institutue Leader. THAT Robert Allen. Last weekend, I went out to Mark Victor Hansen's MegaBook Marketing Conference for lots of reasons. The main one being - should I self publish, or see if I could interest a publisher in creating my book ...
So many homes for sale today have been lived in.  They're fine.  They keep the rain out, there's places for everyone to be, keep stuff, do stuff and be together.  But, they're not new.  They're "pre-owned",  "lived-in",  and "worn" to varying degrees.  How then can these venerable structures reta...
And does the architecture of the house really matter when homeowners and stagers aer supposed to produce something generic, hoping to make the home appeal to as many potential buyers as possible?Does anyone really know the difference between a Queen Anne and a Victorian?  Mission/Priarie vs. Arts...

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Once a Manhattan realtor, I have bought and sold 12 homes in 19 years in 4 countries. That, and 7 years of staging homes for sale in New Jersey adds up to a lot of experience.

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