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Congress considers our tax system a “pay-as-you-earn” system. To facilitate that concept, the government has provided several means of assisting taxpayers in meeting the “pay-as-you-earn” requirement. These include: Payroll withholding for employees;  Pension withholding for retirees; and  Estima...
The Internal Revenue Service continues to be significantly behind in processing returns, payments and issuing refunds. We have many clients still waiting for their refunds going back to 2020 income tax returns filed back in February and March 2021. IRS is experiencing the same problems as the res...
Generally speaking, tax return mistakes are a lot more common than you probably realize. Taxes have grown complicated and COVID tax relief has made many changes; the paperwork required to file proper tax returns is often convoluted. This is especially true if you're filing your taxes yourself. Th...
The IRS has restarted issuing notice CP508C to taxpayers with “seriously delinquent” tax owed and the service has resumed its program of notifying the State Department of taxpayers’ unpaid federal taxes.  The U.S. Department of State generally will not renew a passport or issue a new passport to ...
What do you do when you find out the real estate deal you were about to close is held up, or might not close at all, because your client has a federal tax lien filed against them? What do you advise them to do? How many more transactions could you close if your clients didn’t have IRS Problems?It...
We are less than 80 days away from tax deadline day and you probably aren't ready to start preparing your 2020 income tax returns--especially those of you who are the ultimate procrastinators. However, there are some important things you need to be aware of this year and there are still some choi...
I'm sure you are aware of someone who has had their identity stolen online. We have had several cases over the years when we go to electronically file a client's tax return it comes back with notification from IRS that a tax return has already been filed with the social security number for which ...
We could be in for an interesting tax year again this year. Last Friday, IRS announced that individual income tax returns will not be able to be electronically filed until February 12th. This is two weeks later than in previous years. IRS has significant challenges remaining from the 2019 tax fil...
Taxes are one of those topics people hate to talk about or even think about, especially if they end up owing money in back taxes every year. That's why many taxpayers wait until the very last moment to prepare for tax season. It’s also why nearly 14 million Americans find themselves receiving thr...
All of us at Tudor Financial Group, LLC would like to wish our clients and friends a very healthy and happy 2021. Thanks for all of your support during the past year. Enjoy the weekend and kicking off a fantastic year. 

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