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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.
 Kim Bridgforth - Director of OperationsThe question you need to ask yourself is this - What does the word "operations" mean? Loosely defined, people would say that "operations" means the "goings-on" of a company. You know, this person is the director of the "goings-on" within the company. Yeah, ...
Ok, look at this nice, serene, quiet picture of Kim Perry - New Agent Coordinator. Isn't that nice and special?Ok, don't be fooled. Yes, she's pretty. Yes, she's professional. Yes, she does a good job. However, Kim Perry is anything but serene and quiet. But this is precisely why we love her so m...
 An interesting thing has happened as I have done preparation for this series of blog articles on the Keller Williams staff.  I have realized that I am quite the pest! As you may have read yesterday, I bug Tina fairly often about various types of things. Then today as I got ready to write about P...
Tina Morales - Director of Agent Services...and I would add Extraordinaire. What does this job title mean, really?From an MREA "Job Description" kind of a standpoint it means that Tina is the one who is responsible for making sure that new agents paperwork is done (correctly, mind you - that is a...
As much as Craig (Owen) and David (Jones) appreciate all the hard work that the staff here at Keller Williams does, there aren't a lot of times that these folks get recognized. That's not an intentional neglect. It's just one of those things that happens due to the nature of the position. I know ...
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the agents here at the Keller Williams Realty Heritage office who have opted to use my services. I have been overwhelmed at the success of this venture, remarks from the Agents, Title Companies, and even...yes, Lenders!People like Cathy Naiser and...
2 things you need to know before I get started:1. My wife and I use Google Talk during the day so that I don't have to talk on the phone during the day. You know, I'm super busy. I hate stopping to answer the phone and talk about miscellaenous things. 2. We homeschool our 12 year old daughter. Sh...
Have you ever heard that cow people song (that's my term for country folk) that goes something like, "Like a hammer and a nail; socks and shoes - we go hand in hand like the rhythm and blues. What good is a man who hasn't got a dream? Bout' as good as car with no gasoline."? It's about things tha...
I left off yesterday talking about how people were running around to and fro trying to get everything ready here at our office, remember? After I logged off of here I went and took some pictures of the different people, different rooms, and what things looked like during prep time. The mood was e...
I should have posted this yesterday. So realize that this post is 1 day late____________________________________________________Tonight is the night - the big GRAND OPENING of our Keller Williams Heritage office. As I speak, er, type, there are people passing by my window hurrying about. In fact,...

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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.