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I'm a little put out with the fact that our newly trained Real Estate Agents have to meet a stumbling block just when it's crucial for them to gain the experience they need to flourish.  What adds to the dilemma is the way that some of the industries like to toot their own horn by having no merc...
A good many Brokers teach classes after a time in the business.  This does help them to keep fresh with the lessons needed to go for a Real Estate License.  Because our time is consumed with all the details of prospecting and blogging and so on, we tend to slip away from the information that shou...
When Should The Pursuit Of a Sale End? More and more I find that homeowners are interviewing agents before they decide whom they will choose. We all go out with our best foot forward hoping that the sale will become ours and that we don't make any mistakes.  It helps if you're working with a well...
I was sitting at my computer wondering what I was going to offer for my next blog when I realized in the background the history channel was playing the biography of President Washington.  I was getting a refresher course in how this great leader won the battles for his country and built up the Co...
  I'm writing this for some of the Newbie's who might find themselves in a similar situation.  I thought I could wing a presentation because I had been working a full time position out of need.  I tried desperately to keep up with special classes and those needed to retain my license.  My weekend...
I started with Active Rain a few years ago and at the time I was still wet behind the ears for Realtor experience.  Well I didn't do to well with my first agency and also had not done too well with my second attempt.  I was lacking in confidence I guess and I never really received the right train...
Becoming a Realtor is not only a profession but a responsibility to yourself and the public you serve.  A few years ago when I was new in the business, I was introduced to Active Rain.  At the time, I was still trying to get a handle on my work and trying to prioritize what I needed to do.  Marke...
This post is not directly associated with real estate, but then again it might be.  I'm not particularly happy about whats happening to our country.  For too long we have listened to what politicians want us to hear without living up to their promises.  We need to hold them accountable and to do ...
The concumer has much in the way of financial concerns at this time.  Without going into all the details of current news on the world front and the Real Estate Market, it is definitely a rough terrain for many of us.  Because the jobless rate is so high, businesses are declining everywhere and it...
This blog is not going to be informative in the way of statistics or up to the moment news on the Real Estate market.  It is however a piece of me that has been in the shadows since I first joind this illustrious community.  I have  been in the business for five years and hold two licences one in...

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