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  The Woodlands TX~ Walking to school safety tips. This year many of The Woodlands residents will not find their kid’s bus rout schedule . The transportation has changed. If you live in the 1 mile radius from your school, your kids will not be provided with the transportation from Conroe ISD  .  ...
Of course we all use links in our blog posts. I talked to many people and some of them do not pay attention to what happens after someone opens their links. If you are making your own post it's up to you if you want to take your readers far away from your original post by not choosing "open link ...
Why I Chose Real Estate Staging?It was a path for my creativity on a budget When we are talking about Home Staging the first thing that comes to my mind is how to make my home for sale appealing on the budget. A lot of creativity and sense of style gets involved. When I was maybe 4 years old I re...
The Woodlands Home Staging tip: making "The dark couch house" more welcoming . It's not a secret that buyers name the homes they visit. I am sure the Realtors can recall a few names like "the Lion House" where a big plush lion was resting in one of the bedrooms, or "The crazy color house" where e...
Are you selling smart? The difference in selling your house now and 10 years ago is huge. Buyers use to anticipate having to repair, fix up stuff when were buying their home. Since that situation has changed dramatically. Today buyers want ready to move in product. And that's not all. If you will...
The Fine Art joke.   I thought this will be perfect joke for the Friday Evening From the newspaper ad: "Selling a copy of The Black Square of Kazimir Malevich". Expensive. People who are distant from the fine art, please do not bother."     HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
Staging will help to sell but not the way overpriced home! Well we know that staging helps sell homes faster and for more money. What exactly is more money? It means higher price per sq. ft in your neighborhood based on recently sold homes. Talk to your Realtor and discuss the market report with ...
Get your house SOLD this summer! The Woodlands home sellers, pick of the buyers season will end very soon. You don't really have that much time left to sell your house this summer. The Woodlands is a family oriented neighborhood. Now it is the time for action if your house has not been sold yet. ...
5 minutes of Classics per Week. Vivaldi. Welcome back to my Classical music series. Today we will listen to Antonio Vivaldi Storm. I think it is very inspiring and motivating piece of music. Vivaldi (1678-1741) is an Italian composer, conductor, music teacher, violinist. He is famous with his vio...
5 minutes of classics per week. Tchaikovsky. When I am listening Tchaikovsky I can not understand how it is possible to imagine something so beautiful and produce such an extraordinary music.    Tchaikovsky was born in 1840 in Russia and his childhood was in Ural. Since he was a child he was fasc...

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Author Bio: Anna Dovger is a Professional Home Stager in The Woodlands, Montgomery County TX. You will find great Staging advice and ideas in this Blog as well as examples of Home Staging her company provides.