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I'm going to leave my comfort zone and both review and recommend a movie that I just watched.  It has been out since Jan 2008, but under the radar.  It is called "The Savages" staring Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  The title is deceptive.  It isn't a war story, not a cops and robbers, ...
New York Times article from 7/17/09 addressing the ability to age in place and considerations to do so.  
RETIREMENT EXPENSES: TOO MUCH FOR SOME RETIREES 23% of Americans 55 and over filed for bankruptcy in 2007-AARP 28% of Americans 50 or older are delinquent on their 1st mortgage, are in foreclosure, or have already lost their homes.-AARP 60% of retirees are looking for full-time work.-Retirementjo...
Recommended reading for adult children taking care of their parents.  
Laws Take On Financial Scams Against Seniors  
12...Percentage of large companies that have cut the employer match to their defined-contribution plans.  An additional 12% plan to cut the match in the coming year (Wall Street Journal) 20...Percentage of U.S. employees who have reduced their defined-contribution plan deferral amount.  Another 5...
This time next month, long-term care residents should pay particularly close attention to their mail. That is because most are set to receive a one-time payment of $250 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus package. Nearly everyone who receives Social S...
This article might be good to give to your Senior clients who are considering a reverst mortgage.  
HBO in association with the Alzheimer's Association and others, is having a special documentary on HBO on Alzheimer's.  It is a 4 part series starting May 10.  It will also be broadcast on the HBO website, and the DVD can be purchased.  For the trailer and broadcast information:
Driving Safety For Older Adults Through 45 years of driving, Ellen never had an accident. But last month, the 76-year-old was involved in two minor collisions, receiving a traffic citation for one. Ellen worries that she is not as good a driver as she once was. And she has read recent newspaper s...

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