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Depending on the day, ActiveRain will see as few as 500 blog posts written and as many as 2000+. On any given day, we will feature between 8 and 16 blog posts.This means we most likely miss many great posts that should have, could have been featured.Now is you chance to give that one post, (the o...
My mom just finished her first full week in real estate. She has three buyers and 3 listing appointments scheduled in the next two weeks. Prior to last week, she knew zero of these clients.My mother is ridiculously smart. She has a brain like an elephant. Never forgets anything. Ever. She's been ...
What is an interstitial? Until a few months ago, I'd never digested this word. An interstitial is the act of occupying a very small space between two things. Why should you care?  Because, if used properly, an interstitial can help you generate more leads when you share content on social media. A...
One of the awesome things about Ben Kinney buying ActiveRain, is I get to once again be really close to a successful real estate operation (those that have been around for a long time know that prior to launching ActiveRain back in 2006, we owned our own brokerage in WA, Brio Realty).Today, I wan...
As David wrote about last week, We recently launched our new podcast series, ActiveRain Insights for Success. In setting out to do a podcast series, we realized that we have access to some of the smartest people in the real estate industry. Between ActiveRain's decadelong history with community a...
Lots of people use the ActiveRain Q&A section. From the beginning, the point was to give real estate agents a place where they could ask questions of their peers so that everyone could learn something from the answers.Need help with some aspect of your business? Head to the Q&A section. The Q&A s...
You should be able to upload photos to your blog once again. Sorry about that everyone. (Say "Hi" to our new baby Chase) 
One of my favorite classes to teach over the years has been our blogging bootcamp series. I get no bigger thrill professionally than when one of our members reaches out to me to tell me how they recently closed a deal because someone found a blog post they'd written. (Or even better, they write a...
If someone comes to you and wants to buy a house, but the house they want doesn't match up with a home currently listed for sale on the MLS, what do you do?One of the really awesome parts about Ben Kinney buying ActiveRain, is that it's given me an unprecedented level of access to see how he runs...
We're asking for your help in seeding ActiveRain University with succinct, powerful, educational content that could help your fellow Rainers.A new ActiveRainUniversity.com launched back in January with little fan fare. Since then, we have been making some small tweaks and working on our first maj...

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