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Who do you typically turn to first when considering the purchase of a new piece of technology for your real estate business? If you're like a lot of agents, you'll pick the brains of other agents to find out what works and what's not worth your money.

But the choices – there are so many of them! When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, grab a cup of coffee and dig into the following pages. Let your colleagues walk you through those choices and help you decide on how and where to spend your money.

Feel free to check back daily because we add hundreds of new posts every day. This is the place to find everything an agent needs to know about tech and tools to help you run a lean, mean real estate machine.

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By Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl, The Last Names You'll Ever Need in Real Estate
(Samsel & Associates)
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This Tuesday, one of the MLS's that we belong to switched platforms.  For about 10 years, the Central Jersey MLS was using Matrix.  We liked Matrix.  It was relatively easy to use, had lots of customizable features and it worked well from a cell phone as well as a computer.Being that CJMLS is not...

By Gabiel Bridge, Commercial real estate
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 How important is UI/UX design for your startup? Often, entrepreneurs decide to sacrifice design for the sake of faster and cheaper development. It makes some sense since the design itself is not a product and it doesn't have much functionality (with rare exceptions). Yet, the question of whether...

By Diane Hartley, Training and designation for real estate agents
(The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing)
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Recently, I've been asked the three biggest questions on every luxury real estate agent’s mind when it comes to growing their luxury real estate practice, and here's our take at The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing:  How do I improve my Marketing Strategy? How can I feel more prepared when I w...

By Realtyna Inc, Realtyna- MLS RETS Integration software & services
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Comments are great for an IDX real estate website. They allow your readers to engage with you and with each other. This helps build a sense of community, and it keeps leads browsing.As the owner of an IDX real estate website, you should both encourage comments and limit them. This can be a tricky...

By Stuart Crawford
(Ulistic Inc.)
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With ever-evolving cyber threats, you may be ready to throw your hands up and surrender. But here's the simple way businesses can protect themselves now.  Businesses are under attack!If that seems like strong language, you should see the quantifiable data that shows the cyber threats we face toda...
The powerhouse of the European economy, the Czech Republic has emerged as one of the most promising business areas of small to medium scale businesses. As the Czech Republic has a cordial bilateral trade relationship with the US and the European Union, businesses can enjoy a great market recognit...

By Victoria Carter, TwoMoveYou
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"Victoria Carter and Kirk Rickman are Real estate agents who provide a personalized APP from to their clients.  Click  to find out how CheckListing can benefit you!"  When it comes to home fire safety, a little preparation and precaution go a long way t...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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Is buying a pre-selling condo worth your time and money? First of all, we have to define what a pre-selling condo is. It is a condo unit that doesn't exist yet. The property might still be in various stages of planning, or the developer can still be assessing the project. In other words, you're b...

By Rich Gaasenbeek, Real Estate CRM & Marketing Made Easy!
(IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM)
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Putting yourself out there as a real estate agent isn’t always an easy thing to do. Combine that with being new in the field and not knowing what direction to take, it can pretty overwhelming. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer in how you can market yourself. There is no manual, as s...

By Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor e-Pro, CRS, RCS-D, Vets, & Host of Postcards From Success Podcast
(Big Block Realty 858.232.8722)
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What a great list of resources to consider for your blog and maybe website too, provided by  MEGAN FAUST!!! We have all seen the cool blogs on-line with flash animation and all kinds of extra goodies on the sidebar. If you want to add some awesome to your blog or website then take a look at this ...

By Tommy Wyher, I am an freelance writer and professional marketer
(Husky Marketing)
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The real estate market has adapted to technology in various ways with more change to come. The goal of the most convenient home purchasing or selling process for the buyer is continuing to develop. The ability to wow clients can come down to the technology used or the stress that was reduced via ...
Since I established my business Destin Condo Rentals to rent our Pelican Beach Resort Condos, I have listed it with several channels. Here is a comparison with my experience. I need to remind you that all channels will incur 3% credit card fees and also will not properly protect you against charg...

By Craig Daniels, Technology Instructor/Project Consultant
(Tech Training for You!)
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WAIT! Don't LEAVE me!! We work very hard to get eyeballs on our blog posts and web sites, so then why are you sending people away once you get them?? You are not intentionally doing this, but if you aren't aware, you might in fact be doing this. Whenever you are creating a hyperlink, you have tw...

By Janet Guilbault, San Francisco Bay Area Direct Mortgage Lender
(Platinum Home Mortgage Company)
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California real estate buyers have decided they want to pre-qualify themselves at midnight, in their pajamas. How do I know this? Two words: MOBILE APP. Buyers love it.After inviting some of my borrowers to apply using the mobile app, I noticed 2 things: Buyers were on it at all hours playing wit...

By Realtyna Inc, Realtyna- MLS RETS Integration software & services
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To do or not to do? It’s a question that appears to be applicable to every aspect of our life. Do I need to create a landing page or is having a real estate website is enough? We might wish that having a good real estate website was enough, but unfortunately it’s not the case. Often we try to dri...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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PRINCE stands for “Projects IN Controlled Environments” and PRINCE2 is the second edition of the earlier PRINCE method. It is a structured project management method and a certification program. PRINCE2 is a procedure based strategy for the compelling task the board and will give you the key aptit...

By Rachelle Moore, Real Estate Media | Photo Editor | Blogger
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Photography is both an art and passion. It only takes a photographer and a camera to do photography. It underscores different categories though. This depends on the things the photographer is interested with. Real Estate Photography is only one among the hundreds of categories in this field.Anyon...

By Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA
(ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors)
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YouTube Thursdays for 2/13/2020 - Showing Some Love    Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Let's show some love to our fellow Rainers and do some YouTube subscribing.  Mutual subscribing is a good way to add more clout to your YouTube Channel. The more subscribers the better. It also helps to watch a vi...

By CA COASTAL ESTATES Lauren Selinsky Perez CRS, "Your Real Estate Broker" #oclauren
(California Coastal Estates)
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RRC Webinar: The Rise of Short Term Rentalsstarts Now!join us!In Adobe Connect login as a GUEST. Your RRC Password will NOT work on Adobe Connect.Direct Link: Dialing in to listen? Here’s the information you will need:Phone: 1-800-832-0736Room Number: 1...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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Moving yourself and your family into a new home – whether that be local, interstate or internationally – is a momentous milestone. This time is filled with excitement and expectancy in anticipation of your new environment. The process of moving though unfortunately, can seem long and arduous. End...