Ring Hill (Woodinville, WA)
The Ring Hill, Real Estate Area of Woodinville, Washington --- Full of Pleasant Surprises --- We didn't even know we lived there until our voter pamphlet informed us that our newly purchased real estate was in the Ring Hill voting district of Woodinville Washington. As it turns out, Ring Hill is a very desirable area to live. One of our neighbors told us she had waited years for a property to come on the market. We were fortunate when we found ourselves in a multiple offer situation the day our home-to-be came on the market. We eventually beat out a higher offer with a compelling letter to the seller. Now we couldn't be happier as we get to know our neighborhood. Ring Hill is part of the highly respected Northshore School District, and a short commute to Microsoft, the closest major emp...
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We never grow tired of facing west around sunset to look for a warm glow in the sky here in Woodinville. A dramatic sunset seems to add an exclamation mark to the events of the day. It is always fun to anticipate how brilliant the show might be as the clouds build up toward the coast and set up the reflecting dynamics. We always seem to pay attention to the dark wispy clouds that make a wonderful contrast to the brilliant light at the horizon. Last night, when we took this picture, the air was a bit chilly outside as we sat on the front porch. But there was an unmistakable visual energy radiating our way that more than warmed our souls. I don't ever want to be too busy to take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature, and hope you also will savor those special moments that are always out ...
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Have you ever felt like you needed to climb out on a limb? You know, take advantage of an opportunity, while wondering if the risk is worth the chance you'll need to take. The guys in these two pictures are engaged in one of the most dangerous occupations in this country. At the same time they maintain a great spirit that exemplifies an incredible strength and determination. Courage is a given. These pictures, shot a few days ago, are of high climbers working on taking down a couple of trees in our backyard that were compromised and in danger of falling on our home during a future windstorm. Now, you wouldn't catch me up there these days where this guy is, even though I've done a little bit of this type of work many years ago. Those were the days of my reckless youth. __________________...
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By Frank Kliewer
Spring in Woodinville, WA In an earlier post I indicated that spring was definitely beginning to make an appearance in Woodinville, WA. This was after believing that our weather prognosticator, Benny the Mountain Beaver knew more than that over-pampered, not quite so intelligent rodent named Phil, back east. Well, our plant of record, an azalea, began its blooming several days ago (as seen in the first picture), and now today it is in its glory, as seen in the second picture. We can now announce, without any doubt, spring is here in Woodinville, WA and throughout the Northwest . . . come and enjoy . . .     ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
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By Frank Kliewer
How Do They Do It? We just got back from a walk, during which we met up with a neighbor grazing her horse by the side of the road. Her horse had been working that patch for a while. Not that the horse doesn't get all the high quality feed hay it could desire . . . just seems to have a hankering for the fresh green stuff. So my question is, how does this powerful animal, a mass of muscle and protein structure, make it on a very simple vegetarian diet? I've heard that veggies actually offer the amino acids necessary for protein. And may even be easier to assimilate. As humans we insist on such a diverse diet, not necessarily to our best health. Sometimes simple not only seems, but is, better. There does seem to be a Green, Simplify trend that is catching on in housing these days, with sma...
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Why Does the Glorious Weather in Woodinville WA Get Us So Excited? --- It is all about the gardens. As the weather today is pushing toward 60 degrees and full sun in Woodinville WA, we are already preparing our gardens for the incredible displays ahead. Our heather is blooming and the azaleas are starting to tease their color. One of the premium joys in our area is the gardens you will find everywhere, not only in Woodinville WA, but throughout the Northwest. Perhaps it is due to the abundant fresh water or the crisp clean air and brilliant sunlight,  but whatever the reason, just visit the area and you can't miss the passion for gardening we've not experienced anywhere else. This bouquet from last year is a mix from our neighborhood in the Ring Hill area of Woodinville. Most are out of...
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Washington State Home Buyers, Do You Have Questions About Closing Costs? Here is a three minute video produced by WAHomeowners.com that summarizes the closing process and some of the costs to complete a home purchase. There are other similar videos and guides available at WAHomeowners.com to assist new and existing homeowners understand the buying process. You can also find links to assistance programs that go beyond the current homebuyer tax credit opportunity. Check out the video, and then give us a call and we'll help you through the process. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________  
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