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By Rene Fabre, Practicing Philosophical Eclectic of the Arts
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Finishing up the day at our Tacoma office, it’s January 11, 2017, going on 5:30 pm. I’m headed across town when MY OH MY the first full moon of the year is rising and totally glorious! It’s full, it’s huge, it’s super bright, it’s magnificent in the cloudless sky.I want to hurry, thinking about a perfect place on Hilltop to get my shot. But it’s the afternoon commute and I’m hitting every single friggin' red light there is along the way. When I arrive at the ‘perfect’ location there’s now one small cloud in the sky. Guess where? :O) So this ain't 'the' shot, but what the hay, it's a cool scene this evening on South 21st and Tacoma Ave as I’m headed down the hill for the 509 and home.Growing up in these parts we always called it by the indigenous nickname, the Wolf Moon.
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By Steven Cook
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The Evergreen State College - Tacoma Campus, located in Tacoma, Washington is designed for Juniors and Seniors in college.  It has been operating there since 1982.  In the next year, they will be starting their first master's degree program for this location (it will be for Masters in Teaching). They recently moved from their original site to a new facility a few blocks away. The Evergreen State College - Tacoma provides a community responsive interdisciplinary liberal arts education. A reviewer of the campus had this to say: "It's a very small campus (just one building) so everything is easy to find. There is a parking lot and parking is free, which is great!All the rooms are numbered including the bathrooms in case you get lost. The campus is "fragrance free" which is a new concept fo...
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By Scott Cowan
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I was sent the following press release today. I used to work for Tacoma Goodwill so I can state with conviction that the organization is doing great things in the Tacoma area. Not only does Tacoma Goodwill help individuals in Tacoma it helps individuals in every community it has a retail location in. Currently Tacoma Goodwill operates 20 stores in Western and Central Washington.Another point of importance is the new building will be LEED Silver certified. This is excellent news as it shows that Tacoma Goodwill is taking seriously their responsibility to manage the resources that they manage.Text of Press Release is below.    Tacoma Goodwill Industries 714 S. 27th St. Tacoma, WA 98409 T  253.272.5166 F  253.627.1248 www.tacomagoodwill.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ¾ Nov. 27, 2007   For furth...
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