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By Kendra Todd
(The Kendra Todd Group)
This is a beautiful 2 bedroom home for sale in Suquamish, situated in the spectacular Kitsap County. The 2 bedroom home for sale is surrounded with spectacular landscaping and mature trees. The home has a warm and inviting atmosphere and as you enter, you can see the amazing rock wall of this 2 bedroom home for sale in Suquamish. The warm paint colors makes you feel at home. The lounge is spacious and elegant. Looking out the windows of the 2 bedroom home for sale, you get a wonderful view of the magnificent garden and surroundings. The propane woodstove in the beautiful kitchen awakens the desire for mixing old fashioned recipes and baking scrumptious cookies. It is hard not to fall in love with this kitchen.Relax on the beautiful private patio of this 2 bedroom home for sale in Suqua...
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By Paul Pival, A Realtor with the soul of a professor.
(Coldwell Banker Bain)
A couple of weeks ago our trio took a break from working on tunes mentioned in Wilfred Sheed's great new book about jazz songwriters of the early 20th century, The House That George Built, and our drummer Kevin nonsequently asked, "Hey Prof, what's Kitsap mean, anyway?" Since my piano is nowhere near my computer, I had to confess ignorance. Not too embarrassing, since our bassist Shel was also clueless.So I did some hunting the next day. Turns out it's the name of a war chief that used to live about ten miles north of my front door. This guy is not to be confused with another chief named Kitsap, a leader of a different tribe on the east side of what has since been named Puget Sound. Interesting reading and something any Kitsap County resident ought to know.
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