Suncrest (Spokane, WA)
By Michael Mullin, NMLS 11911 - Loan Originator, FHA, VA, USDA, Conv
(Advantage Mortgage Inc NMLS 1770599 , Originating loans in CA, OR and WA. )
A lot of acusations have been made by the media and our elected officials regards the "sleazy" tactics mortgage lenders have used in putting consumers into loans they can't afford or are not appropriate.What I don't hear is any Spokane consumers taking responsibility for their own actions.  As the manager of a mortgage unit in Spokane, I can tell you that our home buyers DEMAND these loan programs regardless our caution.  In addition, most  Spokane consumers have educated themselves just enough to be dangerous - You can spot them easily when the first words out of their mouth is "Hi, I want to apply for a zero down, stated income, interest only loan."  We aren't even given a chance to counsel most borrowers anymore.While the tightening of credit standards in the mortgage industry may in...
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