Richland City Hall (Richland, WA)
By Colleen Lane, Realtor(r) 509.438.9344
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The public is invited to learn more about Richland recycling in Richland Washington, in commemoration of America Recycling Day. A used athletic shoe collection and demonstration, a talk with a local recycling, and a recycling challenge for kids will be held in the Richland Wa Public Library, 955 Northgate. Call for details. Children are invited to learn about recycling in Richland Washington from CORKIE the Robot, see how old athletic shoes turn into play surfaces and participate in a recycling craft activity. Families are invited to learn about recycling in Richland and speak to a local recycler, see samples of recycled products, watch how a shoe is transformed into a play surface and sign a pledge to win prizes in a national contest. There will are also local Recycling Challenges for ...
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