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By Courtney Cooper, 206-850-8841
(Cooper | Cartwright)
Winter is dreary around here, but looking out at Lake Washington makes me think about cruising in my boat on Lake Washington. Even if you don't own Mercer Island waterfront property, Mercer Island, WA has some wonderful access points and a great spot for launching your boat into Lake Washington.  The Mercer Island Waterfront boat launch is a great facility for putting your boat in Lake Washington.  It is only $11 to park for the day at current rates, but the bigger steal is the annual pass which is only $40!!!   If you are interested in Mercer Island homes for sale near the boat launch, let us know! We have some wonderful Mercer Island real estate brokers.  It is a great way to access Lake Washington and enjoy Mercer Island living.       View Larger Map     The city has more info and de...
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By Courtney Cooper, 206-850-8841
(Cooper | Cartwright)
Lincoln Landing Street End: The Lincoln Landing Street End is in the North End of Mercer Island at the end of 76th Ave SE.  It is a well maintained street end and a great launching site for a hand carried boat. The waterfront lot is named after the Lake Washington ferry boat that used to dock here.  Mercer Island has 20 street ends that collectively offer 1,140 feet of Mercer Island waterfront land to the public.   The street ends run directly into Lake Washington offering the public wonderful access to the lake for recreational use.  Some of the street ends have not been developed, but the majority of them have and are maintained offering a great place to launch kayaks and canoes, swim (without a life guard), and other Mercer island waterfront activities.  This is an excellent opportun...
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By Nikesh Parekh, Technology Entrepreneur, Executive, & Investor
(Suplari, Inc.)
Easter in Seattle is one of my favorite times of year.  This year we took the kids to a local church (the Bellevue Christian Church) which is walking distance from our hosue and to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Mercerdale Park on Mercer Island, WA.  I have to say: it was fantastic.   Though we probably enjoyed the cozier Easter Egg Hunt at the Bellevue Christian Church, we really enjoyed the spectacle of the Easter Egg Hunt at the Mercerdale Park on Mercer Island, WA.  Check out the videos below.  The funniest part for me was that Park Director was telling children "No, No" and then a herd of kids just bolted thinking he said "Go, Go."  Literally an flood of children rushed ontp the field immediately. The kids descended on the park like locusts and snatched up every egg in site.  My...
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