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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 828-469-7462
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Contractors get more upfront money for their 203k  projectsStreamline k loans now and hereafter referred to as "Limited 203k" loans always provided 50% of the materials cost up front to the contractor unless you were dealing with a lender like Wells Fargo that only allowed 35% or Prospect Mortgage at 40%. Most other lenders provided the full 50% per the guideline. The new rule as it is proposed forStandard 203(k) transactions, Mortgagees may disburse the following at closing: permit fees (the permit must be obtained before work commences); prepaid architectural or engineering fees; prepaid Consultant fees; [reimbursed to the borrower] materials costs for items, prepaid by the Borrower in cash or by the contractor, where a contract is established with the supplier and an order is placed ...
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