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By Ray Mikus, Green Means Go!
(Green Light Real Estate)
I have a listing in Calais, VT that's a wonderful property.  We brought in an interior designer for a consultation, and, among other things, she mentioned the wallpaper in the dining room.  Mentioned, as in, said it should go.  My clients--God bless them--did it! It's taken me two years to finish a ceiling that I started in my own home.  On Monday, the interior designer, Alisa Darmstadt, suggested the seller take down the paper.  I went in today, and it's gone and repainted.  Unbelievable! To me, that's a motivated seller.  And those hours spent the past couple of days may end up fetching a buyer much sooner, and at several more thousand dollars than before.  It'll be impossible to quantify the monetary value, but there is clearly value in the work. That's the kind of work that can help...
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