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By Robert A. Hulme, Home Listing Partner
(Home Buyer Realty Utah)
The Real Estate Appraisal is an important part of your home buying transaction.  The appraisal helps to establish what the property's market value actual is, in fact it would likely be the main tool in helping the seller establish the proper selling price. Lenders require an appraisal when the home is offered as security for a loan; they want to make sure that the property will sell for at least the amount of money it is lending.  Real estate agents often use a comparative market analysis (CMA), with an appraisal to help their home seller determine a realistic asking price for their home.  Many times, experienced real estate agents will come very close to an appraisal, but usually the appraisal is very detailed and is the only valuation lenders will accept when deciding whether or not t...
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By Utah Real Estate Search Utah County Realtor, Home Listing Partner
(Home Buyer Realty Utah)
Buying a home is a very good investment. As a general rule, homes appreciate about five percent a year.  Some years will be more, some less.  The figure will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and region to region.  Five percent may not seem like that much at first.  Stocks, at times, appreciate much more, and you could earn over six percent with the safest investment of all, treasury bonds. Presumably, if you bought a $200,000 house, you did not pay cash for the home.  You got a mortgage, too.  Suppose you put as much as twenty percent down - that would be an investment of $40,000.  At an appreciation rate of 5% annually, a $200,000 home would increase in value $10,000 during the first year.  That means you earned $10,000 with an investment of $40,000.  Your annual "return on inve...
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By Julie Neerings~Lifting Hearts ♥ Building Dreams~
(Agent Referral)
Back to Nature: A Trial Lake Adventure (Utah's National Forests) Part 1 The morning sun beams through the bedroom window as if to say “good morning, time to begin the day”. With excitement we quickly get ready for a day trip to Trial Lake and one by one we load up all the necessities in the car. Fishing License JacketsCoolerFishing GearHand SanitizerCamera Trial Lake is located in the high Uintas of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest 25 miles above Kamas Utah and the 42 mile journey from Salt Lake City to Kamas provides the everlasting beauty of Park City and Jordanelle.  Once we arrive in the little country town of Kamas which is well known as “The Gateway to the Uintas” we’ll stop in at the little grocery store called Kamas Food Town on 145 West 200 South  to pick up our worms and tho...
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