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 One of the documents used in selling a home is the Seller's Property Condition Disclosure.Seller is obligated under law to disclose to buyers defects in the property known to seller that materially and adversely affect the value of the property that cannot be discovered by a reasonable inspection by an ordinary prudent buyer. This disclosure form is designed to assist seller in complying with these disclosure requirements. Please thoroughly disclose your actual knowledge regarding the condition of the property.
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When selling Real Property in Utah the standard form to use is called Real Estate Purchase Contract.  a.k.a.  the REPC (pronounced Rep-See).This is the form that Licensed Real Estate Agents must use, buyer and sellers may use any form they choose however if there is a Real Estate agent involved then this is the form.  This form is approved by the Utah real estate commission and the office of the Utah attorney general, effective august 5, 2003. It replaces and supersedes all previously approved versions of this form.It is actually a very good document and covers most circumstances that could arise. It is a very win-win and allows a buyer and seller to enter into an agreement to sell-buy real property and allows the buyer to do their diligence with deadlines. It covers things like inspect...
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Well we had our first GOOD snow for the season. Several things are noticed, people have their ski clothes on, and bus stops along Ft Union Blvd are full of those not old enough to drive as they are headed up the Canyons.Yes it is winter time, Thanksgiving is over there is snow on the ground and it is cold.Now this brings us to another point, the hidden keybox.  You know the one's on the side of the house on the gas meter. Not so bad in the nice weather, but with several inches of snow on the ground it is not such a good thing, which brings to thinking.Why on God's green earth would you hide the keybox? I would love to be a fly on the wall when that conversation took place. The agent says to the sellers, you see Mr. and Mrs. Seller one of strategies to get the home sold is, I make it dif...
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The City Of Cottonwood Heights is trying to decide whether to create their own police force or continue to contract with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office.According to the City of Cottonwood Heights Web Site, there have been abuses of the contract and it seems they feel the city would be better served on there own. The reasons are the same as the reasons were to incorporate in the first place, to control how the taxes are spent.Read all about it at the City of Cottonwood Heights Web Site
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    Why There Is A Lot Of Remodeling Going On In Cottonwood Heights (84121)*?The prices have gone up so much in the last three - four years that selling and replacing the house is not much of an option.The average Sq Ft price in September 2004 was $94 and has gone to $151 per foot.People are adding on to their houses, I have seen one that has doubled in size. More and more are adding over the garage in the multi levels. People are replacing windows, stuccoing, new kitchens, and new bathrooms. If you bought a small home in the early to mid '90s, tearing it down would be a very viable option.Let's face it, if you took the $57 per foot and added on to your existing Cottonwood Heights Home you could not go out and find a better deal. This a great place to live, named in the top 100 Cities b...
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2 Years Old and in the Top 100 Cities, Cottonwood Heights A Salt Lake City Suburb RocksCottonwood Heights the City Between the Canyons is the newest city in Salt Lake County.  Was just recently named by MONEY Magazine as one of the top 100 Places to live in the entire United States. Population: 28,400 Median home price (2006): $330,155 Average property taxes (2005): $1,964. It's location is prime, 20 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, 30 Minutes to Park City, sits just south of Holladay and North of Sandy and East of Midvale on the East bench. Close to I-215 for easy access to the University of Utah and Research Park. For fun Cottonwood Heights sits at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon which offers world class skiing and hiking till your hearts content. Outside of Salt Lake City, C...
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By Keith Jeppson - Salt Lake City Real Estate
(Everest Realty Group)
Cottonwood Heights home values have had the most aggressive growth in the Salt Lake Valley. Values for May 2007 were 36% higher than May 2006 and seem to be holding strong. The number of homes sold is down 18% from the number of homes sold in May 2006 but seems to be gaining some ground compared to Sandy and Draper. We just began tracking absorption rates for Cottonwood Heights so we aren't certain of a trend. The current rate of 8.5 months puts Cottonwood leaning towards a buyers market. The NAR generally considers 6 months a neutral market with more than 6 months leaning towards a buyers market. All stats were taken from WFRMLS on 6/9/2007.
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