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By The Legacy Group, The LegacyGroup of CrossCountry Mortgage
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The benefits of a preapproval (not prequalification) for Shepherd Texas Home Loans. Many consumers are not informed on the proper way for buying a home. No question, this is a big decision, and one that can be either immensely stressful- or immensely enjoyable- depending on how you go about the home buying process of Shepherd Texas Home Loans and the surrounding areas. The key is to take the proper steps to educate yourself on your buying power, initial investment, and taking some time to think about your lifestyle choices. This article will cover all of these.   Education   The steps necessary to purchasing a home in Shepherd, Texas starts with getting pre-approved for your home loan. Notice we did not say get prequalified- in today’s world a prequalification is not meaningful. You sho...
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By Edward Bachman, Your Kingwood TX Realtor
It is not uncommon for people to contact and experienced Realtors and ask if they should rent or buy?  Only you can really answer that question but you need to decide with some good information before you simply say yes or no.  It amazes me as to how many people that do want to buy and do not do it because they THINK that they are not qualified, only to discover that they are.  There is only one way to find out and that is to do your homework and speak with some trained professionals to solicit their help. Here are some great tips!  
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