Richland Manor (Richardson, TX)
By Larry Lawfer, "I listen for a living." It's all about you.
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Price Dropped today. This property is now under the value of the homes in the area and it is still one of the largest. This home won’t stay on the market long at this price. Give me a call to take a look. 972 322 7776 « Dallas Morning News Gets it Wrong
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By Larry Lawfer, "I listen for a living." It's all about you.
(YourStories Realty Group)
This weekend I had an open house. I was wondering about what kind of traffic I might have considering the agents in my office were averaging less than 10 visitors a two day weekend for their open houses. I was not going to do a 2 day open house on a holiday weekend and so I choose Sunday for the day. On Friday I blogged about the open house on a couple of sites and loaded up an open house notification to Craig’s List. (One thing I have to say about Craig’s List, I get more action from people wanting to sell me more Craig’s List strategies and techniques than I ever have requests for information. The statistics on this posting were 8 people came in to tell me they could help me do it better and 4 companies came in to tell me they wanted to buy the home and they buy fast, but all I had t...
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By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
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Always with a theatrical bend, Miss Dorothy's been a dancer, TV commercial actress and model.  Her home shows pieces of those talents --  a home that is very striking and with just the right feel.  The home of an artisan. Yet I couldn't put my finger on just one or two things that caused that magic.  But it's there.  The beautifully spacious dining room that is further accentuated with the fully mirrored wall.The exact shade of blue that causes the master bedroom to feel as though it could be riding a cloud on the way to heaven.Extraordinary windows, one after another, behind louvered shutters, letting the whole kitchen see what the birds and flowers are up to in the yard.Two lever harps, one she built, on each side of her piano.  The vignettes of a special home show up everywhere.With ...
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