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By Anna Horton
(Hill Country Land and Homes Realty)
River Chase is a wonderful subdivision along the Guadalupe River in Comal County. It is divided by HWY 306 into what is locally called the "Old Part" and the "New Part." The Old Section began development around the turn of the century (2000;-) the other side began about 2003. The lot sizes in Sections 1-3 start at over 3 acres while on the other side, lots can be as small as one acre. This is due to the fact that Sections 4-10 have City of New Braunfels water available. The building restrictions on both sides are all similar 2000+ sq. ft. Masonry construction and there is a Mandatory Property Owners Association.The wonderful thing about River Chase is their Neighborhood Amenities. A 58 acre nature area and River Park on the Guadalupe is only one of the good things that the $150 per YEAR...
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By Anna Horton
(Hill Country Land and Homes Realty)
Guadalupe River Oaks is a relatively small neighborhood on the northern side of New Braunfels & Gruene. It was first began in the late 1970's as what I like to call a "ranchette" Neighborhood. In order for a home to have enough room for a well and a standard septic system, the county regulated the size of the lot to a minimum of 5 acres. The streets were laid in nicely, not too winding but enough to keep it interesting. A lot of the cedar ( a non-native invader) was cleared and the oaks were given enough room to spread and grow like they should. This gives the area a very established and gracious feeling.The original homes built were basic 1978 builder speculation homes. Then some custom builds were put in and River Oaks has been steadily growing ever since.  Basic home design has chang...
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By Carl Winters
Here is the website for the New Braunfels Wurstfest if you plan on attending. This website will give you the information that you need regarding time, dates and directions. Come on down to good old New  Braunfels, Texas and enjoy good weather, great fun and most of all super great German hospitality . Ooooops! Almost forgot food.http://www.wurstfest.comWurstfest  
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By melody salazar
(Salazar Staging & Custom Interiors)
One of the things I run into, are spaces within rooms that need defining.  A good example is when a dining 'area' is in the living room.  Since dining rooms are a distinct selling point, I think it's important to give them their due.  I like to define spaces with rugs.
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Be sure to leave a little comment if you enjoyed seeing my pals.  These deer are so beautiful and show such expression when they look at you. When you go outside they appear out of no where. As you can see they are quite different from our ordinary Texas Hill Country deer. They are much larger and the spots remain and have a heavier body with excellent horn mass. We don't feed them but some of our neighbors leave corn tortillas out for them, which they love. ! Enjoy: Just one morereaon why we love living in the Texas Hill Country. Carl Winters, Advanced Inspector License #3630 (TREC) - For your next home inspection -  Structural and Mechanical. Call 830-660-0131 or email Visit our website: Complete Inspection Service
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I don't want to beat a dead horse to death, but, here we go again. Sellers, please clean up your home before you put it on the market. By doing so it will make it easier for everyone concerned. People are not going to buy a house that is in disarray and badly in need of repair. By doing so it certainly with sell faster and you will be able to get your asking price. As an inspector I see it all When you can not even get in the front door or do a proper inspection something is wrong with this picture. A pre-inspection is highly recommended. In this case, if I were the realtor I would not have even listed the property, sorry if I hurt feelings but this is exactly what I told my wife when I got home.What are your feeling when you come across a property that appears to have overwhelming  con...
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Those of you that purchased the I-Phone, please comment on this blog. I have questions and suspect many others may have some of the same questions. Is it everything you expected?What are the pitfalls or improvement you would like to see?Will it work with Windows XP?Your experience with email, send and receive?Experience with syncs and contact lists?Tap screen, anticipate any scratch and finger print problems? Any special care?Experience with AT&T, are they going to be a good provider for service? If you have a comment or question please respond. The telephone is our life line in this business, the more it can do for you the better. Do I buy now or wait awhile?
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What are some of your little tricks when conducting an inspection? I know through the years I have found many shortcuts to help me in my business. Awhile back I read a shortcut in a magazine that I had not heard or even thought about. Some of old guys need to share and we can also learn something from some of our new inspectors. So let's all share something that may help us in our home inspections.I'll tell you one to get us started.I set a timer to remind me to turn off the running water in the bathtub 
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By Kristine McFadden
(Keller Williams Heritage)
New Braunfels Texas has plenty of attractions things such as Schlitterbahn the nations #1 water-park, and Wurstfest which is described as "The ten day Salute to Sausage"keep the visitors coming.  But New Braunfels, Tx. is also a great place to settle down! Whether you have children are single, or in the twilight years you will find an abundance of job opportunities and entertainment choices in the New Braunfels area! For theater lovers there is the Brauntex Performing Arts TheateBefore the show you can grab a great Steak at Myrons Steak House and afterward have a great cup of coffee at our local Landa Coffee Shop or 2 Rivers Coffee.Because I have small children, one of my favorite places is the New Braunfels Children's Museum And don't forget you can cool off in the ...
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DISCOVER PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU BUY……or SELL A professional assessment by a home inspector will uncover any problems and alert you to any necessary repairs and updates. If you are not sure how to go about finding an inspector or what he or she should be reviewing, ask your qualified, professional agent for advice and recommendations. But, as always, it will be helpful to take time to research and understand what home inspections can do to protect you and your home, and who you can count on to do a good job.Here on Active Rain, the Real Estate Network you can gain much information and ask questions to gain additional information. Buying a home may be the largest investment you will ever make, so it is important to protect yourself and your investment with a home inspection.
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By Anna Horton
(Hill Country Land and Homes Realty)
Just in case you don't already know it, New Braunfels, Texas is booming! The entire I-35 corridor is experiencing incredible growth and we are smack dab in the middle of it all. Our little town is located about 40 miles from downtown San Antonio and 45 miles from downtown Austin. The Baby Boomers are buying up the Hill Country for their retirement at lightning speed. From small garden homes to huge estates, everything is up for grabs.New Braunfels is an historic German community with a charming round-about in the center of town complete with a lovely bandstand, an ornate fountain and a massive turn of the century (19th, that is) limestone courthouse. This is in addition to the natural beauty that abounds here. Not one but two rivers run through town. The crystal clear Comal, also known ...
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By Judy Stockstill, Realtor, ABR, RECS, ePro
(BHGRE Bradfield Properties)
The New Braunfels, TX area continues to be strong with an approximate 8% yearly appreciation rate.  We have ample new homes in the works, and we also have some very good buys on resale homes, including luxury homes and waterfront homes.   We are ready to help any referrals learn about our wonderful area.  We offer new home representation at no additional cost to the buyer.    Come and see what New Braunfels and Canyon Lake are all about!
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