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By Amy Kramer, Realtor serving Austin and surrounding communities
(Reilly Realtors)
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827 Ray's--Amazing Party with even more amazing food! Last night my husband and I had the honor of attending the Grand Opening of 827 Ray's located in Hudson Bend, Austin, TX.   The celebration was top notch and the turn out was even better with what seemed the whole community and beyond in atten...

By Joe Cline
(Affinity Properties, Inc)
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You and your family deserve the best. You work hard all day, every day. When you come home, you should do so knowing that your house is located in a luxurious neighborhood and has luxurious amenities that will pamper you and let you forget about the stress of your job. The Reserve at Hudson Bend ...

By Eric Olson
(Sky Realty)
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Lake Travis is 63 miles long and is 4.5 miles at its widest point. The lake covers 18,929 acres, and its capacity is 1,953,936 acre-feet. The lake is considered full at an elevation of 681.1 msl. At this elevation the lake contains 382,092,882,600 gallons of water. The recent floods in Texas brou...

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