M Streets (Dallas, TX)
By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
(Bill Cherry, Realtor)
A woman who I didn't know, called me a week or so ago at the suggestion of a mutual friend.The woman lives in California, but she and her husband had bought a Dallas home in a popular and hot 1930s section of bungalows. The MLS shows that they paid $425,000 for it; apparently it was a cash sale. They bought it through a Realtor.She wanted me to handle the leasing of it, as they didn't plan to move to Dallas for a few more years.After wrestling to get access, I went to look at it.There were multiple code violations that apparently were the result of "remodeling" and "updating" that had been done by the previous owner.Obviously, either no permits had been pulled, or the city inspector(s) didn't know what they were doing.The biggest nightmare was that a new, large service panel had been in...
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