Evans Elementary School (Corpus Christi, TX)
By Suzanne Taylor, Home Sales In Corpus Christi, TX
(Ultima Real Estate - Corpus Christi)
Input = Output I was participating at a first-time home buyer seminar today at Evans Elementary School in Corpus Christi.  As we were leaving and walking through the cafeteria, there was a speaker talking to the students.  The speaker was very animated and had the student's complete attention. The speaker told the students that the grade on the student's report cards, A, B, C, D, or even F did not tell how smart the students were.  That grade only told how much effort the students had put in.  What a great saying, the grade did not reflect the student's IQ, only the level of effort they spent working on the subject matter.  Sounds like something they can remember and use throughout their adult life....Input  =  Output   Please give me a call if I can help you with buying or selling a ho...
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