Piney Ridge (Bastrop, TX)
By Clint Frerich, Land Buyer
(Clinton Land Buyers)
Piney Ridge is located just across from the Bastrop High school and offers great homes. This subdivision has the Pine Trees that contribute to the uniqueness of the Bastrop Real Estate market. Homes in Piney Ridge are on nice sized lots and range in pricing. However, there are vacant lots or acreage that are currently restricted in regards to endangered species. One client that I sold a home to in Piney Ridge had a neighbor who was being crowded by a vacant lot under contract next door to her house.  Before she could secure financing on the vacant lot listed at 25k, it was purchased by the potential homebuilder. The city informed her that without anyone contesting the subdivision restrictions in court, they could go unattested. Always, remember to contact an experienced Broker before pu...
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