Westgate Tower (Austin, TX)
By Eric Bramlett
(Bramlett Residential)
For the past four decades, the 25-story Westgate Tower has been something of a landmark in Austin, Texas. Located in the downtown area, right next to the State Capitol, this building is hard to miss -- just look up as you walk along Austin streets, and there it is. Of course, the 25 stories mean incredible views for residents of the Westgate Tower, but this building is able to offer a lot more than just pretty sunsets. The Westgate Tower offers 60 great units that feature private balconies, plenty of space, and great design. Most of the units are 900 to 3000 square feet and resale units can be purchased for $180 000 to $750 000. Units in the higher price scale generally offer more recently remodeled, larger units that feature great views. Some 4800 square foot units that feature additi...
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