Walnut Hills (Austin, TX)
By Garreth Wilcock, Sherlock Homes Frisco
(Sherlock Homes Frisco)
East Austin: one thing that a first time buyer is looking for more than ever in a time-sensitive situation (tax credit expiring soon!) is for a home that they can be sure of closing on. That's one reason to get an older home pre-inspected before sale. Ā  Homes in University Hills Austin or it's near neighbor Walnut Hills were mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s. With homes of this age, we expect inspectors to find some items that need repairing, no matter how festidious the seller. So it makes sense to find out all of the items that need taking care of for the average buyer in advance of going to market. A pre-inspection: increases the chance that a given buyer will close (no surprises) increases the confidence of potential buyers viewing the home (seller is disclosing everything) makes ...
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