Posada Del Rey (Austin, TX)
By Eric Bramlett
(Bramlett Residential)
Posada del Rey is located right in one of the most visually stunning areas of Austin, Texas. Situated near the market district in downtown, Posada del Rey offers beautiful views that give you a hint of what Austin was like before it became one of the urban centers of the state. The architecture of the building itself and the surrounding areas offers that beautiful Spanish blend of fountains, arches, and beautiful details that the US Southwest is known for. While conveniently located right in the heart of downtown Austin, Posada del Rey beckons back to a more romantic time, with its pool area, gently splashing fountains, and delicate color schemes. While Posada del Rey may hint of a more storied past, don't be fooled: this is a thoroughly modern building that offers the height of today'...
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