Mesa Oaks (Austin, TX)
By Marisue Mullins
(Marisue Mullins Real Estate)
       I knew there was something special about the neighborhood of Mesa Oaks (78731) when I first moved here from Boston, Massachusetts three years ago. I was told once by an area doctor that this area on top of the hill was a spiritual vortex. I believe that today. This gem of place is nestled on a high point overlooking a breathtaking canyon which is the   Bull Creek Greenbelt. Beyond there, the eyes easily sweep upward towards the scattered burnt orange Spanish rooftops along Cat Mountain - purely scenes out of a Tuscan landscape.      I was not quite sure what that feeling was the doctor was talking about until I began to spend a lot of time outside.  I'm an avid walker hiking around 25 miles each week all up along the canyons and hills of this beautiful part of Austin called Mesa ...
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