Highland Park (Austin, TX)
By Jason G. Randall
(JGRandall Real Estate Remax)
Highland Park Homes Located next to Mopac, Camp Mabry, and the Bright Leaf Nature Preserve, the Highland Park neighborhood is and ideal family destination with nationally accredited schools, various activities, and beautiful homes set on one of the most prized real estate in Austin. Central Austin, including Downtown, the Capitol, and the University of Texas at Austin, are within a short driving distance to Highland Park. This due in large part to its location next to Mopac, which can also take residents quickly to other parts of Austin. Search Highland Park Homes For Sale Read Austin Real Estate Blogs Highland Park Homes For Sale   Real estate prices range from $250,000 to $1 million dollars, with a vast variety of homes ranging from the first development homes in the 1940s to modern n...
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By Gwynn Carpenter, : Broker, Home & Hearth Realty (512)467-6191
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Folks think being a Realtor is all about showing homes.  How small minded that is....a typical Realtor day is anything but.  What you had planned probably doesn't go the way you think - so here's a bird's eye view of what today was like for me. Sleep to 7:15.... reality:  my partner called at 5:45 am cause she's at a financial seminar in Orlando, Fl and wanted to talk to me about something before she had to be at the seminar. So much for sleeping. Get ready for the day....reality:  phone rang in the middle of getting ready so I forgot to put on my earrings - felt half dressed without all my bling. Received an amendment on newest contract....reality:  met with seller to sign amendment and found out we couldn't get HVAC folks to come til Monday; Energy Audit is scheduled for Sunday; Optio...
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By Ki Gray, Austin Real Estate
Two lovely neighborhoods can be found in Austin just north of 35th Street and west of MoPac Blvd., called jointly the Highland Park-West Balcones neighborhood, as they are usually considered to be one residential area now. The other two boundaries are Mount Bonnell Road and R.R. 2222, with Bull Creek Road providing the boundary between 45th St. and Hancock Road. The neighborhood is home to about 1,750 residences, and the MoPac Expressway runs through about two miles of the eastern portion of the neighborhood. This neighborhood, which is really a combined neighborhood made up of the residences of both Highland Park and West Balcones, boasts three well known attractions, all of which are located in the neighborhood: Bright Leaf State Natural Area, Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve, and Mo...
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By Ki Gray, Austin Real Estate
Mount Bonnell is one of the most historic as well as highest parks in the Austin area, and has been a popular spot for hikers, nature lovers and campers since the mid-1800s. The "mount" for which the park is named is a natural limestone formation and the park is also called Covert Park and is situated alongside and above Lake Austin, and offers panoramic views of the lake and the city from its numerous cliffs overlooking the lake and hills below. Mount Bonnell has been considered one of Austin's most well known tourist attractions for years too, and is one of the first place new University of Texas students visit when arriving in Austin, given its notable and historic reputation, frequently by word of mouth from one generation of students to the next. Mount Bonnell is located in northwe...
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