French Place (Austin, TX)
By Gary Gentry
(The Gentry Group)
Finding the Perfect Home: Cherrywood in East Austin Over the past few months I've been helping our good friends daughter in her quest to find the perfect home for she and her husband as well as the baby they are expecting very soon. The home search has been a reminder to me just how much Austin has grown and changed. The buyers main request was this. "I want to be in a cool, walkable area in a great location. And my preference is East Austin in the Cherrywood neighborhood." Those two sentences would never have been uttered together 10 years ago. East Austin and Cherrywood weren't even on the map for "cool, walkable Austin locales". It got me thinking of all of the places like East Austin that were once overlooked, rundown, unappealing, and are now on the homebuyers dream list. South La...
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By Rob Albertson
(Realty Austin)
  Current Market Stats for 78722 I tend to work in a smaller area of Austin than many of my colleagues.  I believe in specialization (and trying to avoid traffic at all costs.)  So I end up spending my days in South Austin (specifically 78704, 78745, & 78749), while also venturing into the eastside zips of 78722 & 78723. I’m also a finance guy  (okay I was an English major too, go figure) so I love diving into market stats to try to figure out what’s going on out there in the market.  Over the past couple weeks, I looked at what was going on in my beloved South Austin, and thought I’d see if similar trends were occurring in my eastside pockets of 78722 & 78723. So just after the expiration of April’s first time home buyer tax credit, Austin was facing the highest levels of inventory in ...
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French Place homes lie just across I-35 from the University of Texas.  Homes in French Place were built mostly in the 1930's through 1950's and many rest beneath towering native trees.  The neighborhood is mostly defined as N. of Manor Rd, S. of E 38th, E. of I-35, and west of Cherrywood.  French Place is in a great Central Austin location. Why is French Place an underappreciated Austin neighborhood?  First, French Place is central, convenient and walkable.  French Place is very close to Downtown and walking and biking distance to UT and hip Manor Rd. restaurants & businesses.  It is a diverse neighborhood of professionals, students, long time residents, stay at home workers and creative people. Secondly, French Place homes are of the vintage style that so many urbanites seek. Wooded lo...
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By Sky Realty
(Sky Realty)
French Place Austin Rebecca Kohout knows French Place!  If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in French Place, Cherrywood, Wilshire Wood, Delwood, or other Central East Austin neighborhoods, give Rebecca a call at 512-415-9876.  For professional service and knowledgeable assistance with your real estate needs, Rebecca is a long time East Austin resident.  She's the one to call for the real skinny on what's going on the East Austin!    Homes in French Place Austin Texas    
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By Ki Gray, Austin Real Estate
802 San Marcos Street, Austin, TX 78702 // (512) 472-8180 The French Legation Museum provides a uniquely historic experience. Both a historic site and a house museum, the story behind the establishment of the museum is fascinating, and helps to illuminate a way of life experienced by the residents of old Austin – before Texas was a state. Visiting the house and grounds, with its carefully chosen artifacts, brings the story to life. With many cultural events, educational programs, and supplementary information on their web site, the museum preserves and perpetuates a unique piece of Austin’s colorful heritage. The French Legation is located in central Austin just south of French Place. The word "legation" originally referred to a diplomatic representative office just below the status of ...
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By Ki Gray, Austin Real Estate
Nestled in central Austin between Airport Boulevard and Manor Road lies the quiet yet vibrant neighborhood of French Place. Austin has always been renowned for its individual personality, and while its expansion continues to dilute that sentiment over the years, these quaint houses with ample yards exemplify the type of house considered a classic "Austin home." While other adjacent areas such as Hyde Park, Maplewood, Tarrytown, and all the property around the University of Texas have skyrocketed in price over the past several years, French Place has resisted this trend of the general austin real estate market and thus retains more spirit and spunk than some of the more gentrified areas. While French Place's houses are generally no more than two to three bedrooms, many houses have intere...
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By Dee Copeland, Principal Broker
(Copeland Group Realty)
I am testing some new online video presentations that I created using Apple Keynote, Garage Band for audio editing, and for a host. I will post instructions once I work out the kinks! Click the image to open the online slideshow from Blip.TV for our listing at 2305 East 22nd Street in Central Austin!
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