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By MISTY JONES, "Building Relationships, One Home at a Time"
(Grant & Company)
So, one of my goals this year is to become more "blog" savy.  I haven't done so well at this in the past.  I have pondered many times, "what is my mental block with this blogging thing"?  Is it because it's one more computer activity I feel like will be added to my "to do" list?  Yes!  I think that is it!  How does everyone with any kind of a life...and truly working in real estate....keep up with everything?  I am on facebook daily, the emails are neverending, I need to blog on activerain, and this "twitter" thing keeps coming up everywhere I go.....how does everyone do it all and still actually talk to their family??
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By Jolynna McCune, Affiliate Broker
(Groome & Co. REALTORS)
Plant Sale! Spring is in the Air!  Ready to do a little planting?  Now's your chance to get started and help a good cause in the process at the 16th annual Fayette Cares plant sale!   April 19, 9 til noon at First Citizents bank (In front of Kroger in Oakland) Proceeds go to benefit Fayette Cares emergency food pantry! Volunteers are needed as well and you can sign up at www.fayettecares.org.     Jolynna McCune I'm in Your Neighborhood you may sign up for my newsletter please visit www.jolynnashomes.com or email me at jolynnamccune@yahoo.com
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