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One type of flipping that some professional real estate investors practice, is assigning their contracts before a property closes.  The complexity of assigning real estate contracts can sometimes land new investors into a lot of hot water if they don't have the experience necessary to transact this type of real estate transaction.When you assign a real estate purchase agreement in Chattanooga Tennessee, you may only be required to give the seller the earnest money deposit.  This means that you won't be paying the mortgage, property taxes or insurance at the time of closing. Read The rest of the article called Assigning Chattanooga Real Estate Purchase Agreements
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For investors who are really looking to make their mark in the real estate investment world. Student housing offers a niche that very few investors rarely consider. Chattanooga Tennessee offers those looking to buy investment property the opportunity to cash in on rental income from those students who are either attending Chattanooga State or the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.If you are an investor or you know an investor who is looking to diversify their portfolio, student housing is a unique investment niche that you need to have your friends, family and clients looking at. You can read more about Investing In Student Housing In Chattanooga Tennessee 
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By JD Griggs
(The Property Shoppe)
According to a recent survey of home buyers in 2006 more than 70% of buyers used the Internet to purchase their next home.  Home buyers indicated that the Internet afforded them a greater sense of control and allowed them to comprehend more of the information they would need to make a more informed decision about certain homes and the home buying process.  Within this survey one very interesting fact that stood out was that home buyers who found their homes on the Internet only spent 2.2 weeks with their real estate agent before purchasing, whereas traditional buyers spent an average of 7.1 weeks with their Realtor.
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By Michael Kincaid, First Community Mortgage
(First Community Mortgage)
With so many option in todays world of mortgage lending your loan officer has to be in tune with what is going on with current market conditions, programs and guideline changes (these change daily), rates, understanding customers financial situation, and what programs work best to suit their needs. This is where I come in. Let me 13 years mortgage experience work for you. Michael Kincaidph 423-421-6130Email mkincaid@ucm-chatt.com
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By Diane Evans
(Keller Williams Realty)
Hello everyone.  It is nice to be able to jot some thoughts down about Chattanooga, TN.  I moved here in 1978 and since that time, I have watched Chattanooga grow into a wonderful community.  One that cares for the young and old all like.  There is truly something for everyone to do! Boating, kayaking, swimming, tennis, golf, whitewater rafting, tubing and canoeing the Chattanooga River as well as the Hiawassee and Natahala waters for a start!  If you enjoy more adventure there's rock climbing, repelling, hand gliding and hot air ballooning - just image it and you can probably find it either here or very close by.  We are located in the tri state area inclusive of Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.If you prefer another type of lifestyle, Chattanooga will surprise you. Like to be invol...
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