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By Debbie Mitchell, Your "Come to the Country" Realtor
(Keller Williams Memphis East)
The Lost of Art of Driving   I love to drive.  Heading down the highway at a nice rate of speed is exhilarating.  Even puttering around town just doing mundane tasks is fun if you love your car.  Feeling the wind whip through my air and having the command of the machine in the palm of my hands gives me a sense of power than can be equaled by few other things in life.  It is the sheer pleasure of driving.  Had I been born a man, I dare say I might have become a truck driver not to say that woman can't do the job, but just to say that at the time I was growing up and careers were chosen truck driver was not a choice for women.   After watching a string of traffic pass me this morning, I realize that people are losing the "art of driving."  They are turning the pure passion of driving into...
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Well the housing market has been rather slow the last six months but I think that is about to change. Even with the increase of activity greatly in the last week we are still in a buyers market. What does that mean to our area? Mainly the fact that the buyers have way to many houses to choose from. Are sellers willing to take a little less---most definetly but not as little as people think that come out of different areas. People need to keep in mind that our home prices are already alot lower than other parts of the country. So our houses didn't balloon like places such as California and Flordia did. Our homes went up and price as far as the cost of material, cost of lot cost, and labor wages increased. Most of the builders in Atoka will tell you their paychecks did not go up. So yes t...
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