Notre Dame De Grace (ndg) (Westmount, QC)
By Robert Butler, Montreal Home Inspector | Aspect Inspection
(Aspect Inspection)
What Is It? And Why Did A Chippie Make It? Well first you might ask is 'What's a chippie?' Well that's simply an old term for a carpenter or wood fitter, because they were very effective in removing large amounts of wood with adzes, axes and chisels. This is of course in the days before power tools and literally 'the chips were flyin'. A good tradesman kept his tools sharp so when notches or long rip cuts were required they reached for the blades first.  In skilled hands this was faster than the alternative and very accurate. That's the chippie, but what is this and why is it different? This looks similar to but not the same as what is built today. The shape tells us its the interior of an attic gable end wall, but they aren't built like this anymore. This photo shows a 50s build, near...
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