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Pray for Mexico, Pray for Puerto Rico, Pray for the World  By San Jose REALTOR Michelle Carr CroweOnce Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and Florida, people barely caught a breath before a large earthquake hit Mexico and Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico.While Irma and Mexico's earthquake made front page news, little has been reported on the devastation in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Power is out, cell phone service is sporadic at best and ruination abounds. A family friend lost every material thing-except herself and her dog.Please...pray for all of the people suffering, and help as God leads you.Thank you for reading "Pray for Mexico, Pray for Puerto Rico, Pray for the World".
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 If you have the mood for an magical journey to one of the most historic and oldest settlements in the country of Puerto Rico, then, where that you should not forget to see is the Old San Juan.  The first settlement was founded in 1508 and was named as Caparra by the founder Juan Ponce de Leon. Caparra ruins were then in the moniker of Pueblo Viejo. Annually after, the settlement got deserted, and ended up being moved to a site called Puerto Rico during that time. After some years, the authorities added the name San Juan, making the settlement being known formally as San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico. Prior to the 19th century, the east side of Old San Juan wasn't yet inhabited very much. In fact, in the area called Puerta de Tierra, there are only 168 residents moving into the place.  T...
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By Alexander Landman, Texas Real Estate Broker
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How to Find the best Realtor in San Juan Puerto Rico. If you're searching for Luxury San Juan Property Condos available or houses available. Find a realtor in San Juan PR When needing to make choices relating to your property and questions like "Who'll list my san Juan PR house For Sale?" or "Buying a house In san Juan?" show up, how to proceed first? Prior to going on, make certain the agent you using  is really a licensed realtor in Puerto Rico or other US condition.   A great beginning point could be, to possess a free consultation having a professional Realtor that's in or from Puerto Rico and particularly knows the San Juan Housing Market. Realtors employed in San Juan will help you with your needs, whether it's purchasing a home or perhaps a condo in San Juan or sell your home. I...
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