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By Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon
(West + Main)
Buyers and Sellers in Central Oregon often ask this question the simplist answer is that anything from Spring River Rd (the road off HWY 97 to Sunriver) south to La Pine State Rec Park is called Three Rivers South - this is usually found by searching for property in Bend - one easy way to tell if you are turly looking at Bend or Three Rivers South is by the zip code - all of Three Rivers South uses the zip code 97707 - The market was a little slow in 2006 compared to past years with the exception of lots there were 326 lots that sold in this area in comparison to only 154 in 2005 - a total of 140 homes sold in this area.Three Rives South at one time ws referred to as South Bend, the neighborhoods that encompass the area are; Caldera Springs, Deschutes River Recreational Homesites, Fall ...
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By Glenda Crowell
(John L. Scott, Bend )
Real estate has maintained a prominent position in the news media during recent times and currently the reports are characteristically depicting downward trends and bubbles bursting. Many factors demand attention when determining true market direction. The prime lending rate is one major factor influencing whether money is spent and even how the money is spent. When the national average shows a decline in home sales and prices will this hold true for all areas? Or are some areas impervious to the pressures applied in an attempt to control inflation?David Fisher depicts a nonconforming area in a nationally released article, one seeming to refuse to follow the economic trend even to the point of maintaining gains over previous years. The article definitely shows a slowing of new building ...
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By Bob Cooper
(Principle Broker / Owner)
When I happened upon Active Rain - Real Estate Network, I lept on the opportunity to build my network.  After all BEING in Real Estate is much more than local listings and sales.  It is creating a broad-based network of respected professionals to share knowledge and experience...and hopefully giving and receiving Referrals of clients.When I research where our buyers come from, I try to locate top-rated Realtors in those metropolitan areas and after interviewing them we agree to post a hotlink on each other's personal web site as a qualified professional in their City or region.  If you are interested in this opportunity to venture beyond your office, then get in touch with me.  My web site is  By the way, I'm in Central Oregon - and specifically Bend, OR.  B...
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