Veranda Glen (Bend, OR)
By Maria Peace, MBA, GRI
I just realized I had added the neighborhood, but never got a description in.  Veranda Glen is off of OB Riley Road in Bend and is a little known neighborhood near the river and trails and at the base of Awbrey Butte.  It is basically 10 houses on Fresca Street that are nicely built.  I lived there and would not recommend it as a place to buy due to the large amount of foreclosures and overbuilding in neighboring subdivisions such as Prospect Pines. Originally the homes were sold for 400-500k and foreclosures have dropped those homes to about 250k.  I expect it will take a long, long, time for things to recover on that street and that prices will still drop further.  This is typical for many neighborhoods and this one was particularly hard hit by a builder who built several large homes ...
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