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This up and coming coastal town is centrally located in Tillamook County, Oregon.   I do not infer that Bay City is a new town - not by any means.  Bay City is an incorporated city.  It has many of it's own rules about it, too.  Bay City is hilly in areas.  Highway 101 (The Coast Highway), at one time ran right in the middle of Bay City.You will find a variety of Real Estate opportunities in Bay City.  You can find everything from affordable manufactured homes to upscale bay view homes and properties.  Be inclined to enjoy this coastal haven.  Keep in mind when looking for properties in Bay City; some of the roads do not go all the way through.Bay City's coastal bay village lays near the southern end of Tillamook Bay.  Enjoy art, oysters, glorious sunsets, and salmon in this quaint town...
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By Brenda Brown, e-PRO
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 Proposed changes to Development and Comprehensive Plan February 20, 2007 MeetingAMENDMENTS BY TITLE BAY CITY DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS # 1: AMEND Section 1.412 Minimum Common Open Space # 2: AMEND Section 1.514 Minimum Common Open Space # 3: AMEND Section 1.615 Minimum Common Open Space # 4: AMEND Section 1.7 Hazard Overlay Zone # 5: AMEND Section 3.102 Planning Commission Authority # 6: AMEND Section 3.103 Buffers and Screens # 7: ADD to Section 3.75 Standards for Manufactured Dwellings (f) # 8: ADD to Section 3.751 Standards for Manufactured Dwellings (l), (m), (n), (o) # 9: AMEND Section 3.8 Sign Ordinance #10: AMEND Article 5, Section 5.1, Section 5.1, Subdivision, Partitioning, Cluster, and Planned Development #11: AMEND Section 5.107 Planned Development #12: DELETE Section...
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