Downsview (York, ON)
By Gabrielle Jeans, Real Estate Web Solution, Real Estate Trainer and Coach
(WebTech Dezine, Gabrielle Jeans Real Estate Coach)
Does having a real estate website build your prospect database? When people find your website, it’s your chance to demonstrate to them why you’re the best at what you do and why they should work with you. You’ve probably found it much easier to close people who find you vs. people you’ve found yourself. So the next question is: what content should my website have? Your website should be a composite of and reflection of the different types of people in your target market. Your website should be all about THEM. NOT you. Quite frankly, prospects don’t really care who you are. They just want someone or something to help them find the homes they want to buy. Let’s say your target market is Brampton, Ontario. Brampton is ethnically diverse, but there are a noticeably high number of East India...
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