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By Marina Gavrylyuk, Homes & Condos for Sale in Mississauga and Toronto
(Sutton Group Summit)
If you're considering selling your house, you might be tempted to sink some money into home improvements. After all, gleaming new hardwood floors or a stunning wrap-around deck will make your property sell a lot faster, and for more money. And you'll more than recover your investment with the higher selling price. Right?Maybe not. While those types of upgrades will certainly make your house more attractive to potential buyers - and may nudge the selling price up a little – you may not recoup all of your costs.That's why major home improvements should be done for your own personal enjoyment, not as a tactic for preparing your property for sale.So what types of upgrades do make sense? The good news is that the home improvement projects that are most likely to help sell your house are also...
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By Gloria Valvasori, Accredited Senior Agent, REAL Experience | REAL Commitment | REAL Results!
The words “Client” and “Customer” seem pretty clear cut, but in real estate they mean completely different things to a Realtor®. There is also a distinct difference in how seriously you are taken as a Buyer.  These two words and how they relate to the Realtor® as individuals make an important difference in the type and level of service you receive.  Please take a few minutes to read,  and after reading you will fully understand what the major difference is, you will know then which one you want to be. When listing your home for sale with a Realtor® you are required to enter into a written contract.  This is due to the time and expenses incurred by the Sales Representative and Broker, who will not be paid for services rendered until the closing of the home.  The real benefit, however is ...
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