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By Susan Emo, Kingston and the 1000 Islands Area
NECTAR OF THE GODS - WHERE ARE YOU?  I feel like we've been on a treasure hunt the past few days . . . As you all know (or should know) our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend - Gobble Gobble! We've collectively agreed to not have turkey in our home this year and one of my brothers has volunteered to cook a nice Roast Pork instead. However, we still want the "Thanksgiving taste" throughout the meal so the menu will be Autumny with lots of the tastes and smells that remind us of the season. With the pork I thought a gorgeous, colourful, flavourful Cranberry Apple Chutney would work well.  (See recipe here)  Little did I realize, one of the major ingredients was going to be next to impossible to find. Actually, between this one ingredient and the all important Leaf Cookie cutter that I ...
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