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By Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional
When you put your home on the market you are selling not only the home but what the buyer perceives as the lifestyle that goes with it. This means your home needs to show the buyer how wonderful it is to live in various zones of your home. Let's look at the bedrooms. If you are selling a family home, show it as a family home.                   You are a young couple selling your home. You have no children and you have a spare room with a bed. Is that enough? Let's face it there is no message here for the buyer. To help a buyer see the home as a family home, set up a vignette. Bring in a bedside table, lamp, stuffed animal and artwork. Create a child's room to help the buyer imagine their child sleeping here. Create a guest room that welcomes a visitor to the home. Add pillows and throws...
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By Jenny Kotulak, Broker - Oakville Ontario Real Estate
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The Sovereign House Museum is located in Oakville near the west harbour in historic Bronte Village.  The home was saved from a developer's wrecker's ball in 1988 and moved from it's original  location to Town of Oakville parkland overlooking Lake Ontario on West River Street. The farm house was built in stages between 1825 and 1846 by Charles Sovereign.  Novelist Mazo de la Roche, famous for her Whiteoaks of Jalna sagas lived in the house for about five years, prior to her becoming famous. Renovations on the house have given it the appearance of the style of the 1910 era.  The Bronte Historical Society. maintains the property and it opened up to the public in 1996. Local artists display their work in the house with shows called Art on the Bluffs. Walking the property takes you back to a...
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By Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional
There is a myth out there that Staging your home will cost you a lot of money.   Most of Staging is Sweat Equity. It involves time and effort.     Clean your home. Give it a Spring cleaning because the best scent in a home for a buyer is 'clean'. Clutter is a word used in Staging. Remember, one man's treasure is another man's clutter. So, put away those collections, file those papers, toss those magazines that have piled up and store those toys.   Pre-pack seasonal items you don't use everyday.   Toss, recycle and donate those items you are not taking to your new home or haven't used in a year.   Store extra pieces of furniture. Trim and weed that garden. So if you have no budget for preparing your home for sale don't let that stop you. The trick is knowing what to do. A Staging Consult...
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Waterfront Homes For Sale in the Community of Bronte, Oakville, Ontario.Bronte Village is a beautiful lakefront community in the South-western quadrant of Oakville, Ontario. The village of Bronte was founded in 1834 and was named after Admiral Nelson, a British Naval Hero whose official title was the 'Duchy of Bronte' for his many naval victories.Many of the original settlers of Bronte were United Empire Loyalists. Today there are many reminders of the loyalists amongst the beautiful, old streets of Bronte near the lakeshore. Names such as Sovereign and Nelson can still be found in Bronte as some descendents of the original families reside here.Many beautiful waterfront homes and condos have been built along the Lake Ontario shoreline within Bronte Village. Today these waterfront proper...
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Living in Bronte - Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park in Oakville, Ontario   At the South-western corner of Oakville in the Community of Bronte, lays the beautiful Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park. Stretching along the Lake Ontario shoreline from Bronte Road to East Street, Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park offers a peaceful get-away to residents and visitors in the Bronte Village area. On a typical summer day, hundreds of people stroll along the wide sidewalks bordering the water and marinas as they take in the sights and sounds of lakeside ambience. Gulls soar overhead crying out in greeting as they watch for a stray french frie or ice cream cone and the Canada Geese loll lazily about on the greens after feasting on the abundant grass the park has to offer. Small children chase them in deli...
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