Tallgrass (Owasso, OK)
By Bob Haywood, BobHaywood.com
(McGraw Realtors)
Here in Oklahoma, we don't get awesome sunsets very often.  But sometimes it happens. This picture was taken on my Blackberry Sunday night.  I had been visiting with a client and had walked out to go to my van (in the pic) when we saw this spectacular sight.  Wow.  It was so pretty that he ran back into the house and grabbed his wife.  We just kind of stood there in the driveway for a long time watching the sun fade into the distance as the beams of light got more focused and then faded.  It was a perfect moment. You don't get very many perfect moments in real estate, but when they come they are sweet. Perfect moments I've enjoyed since going into real estate 1 1/2 years ago have included... Helping a single mom successfully sell her home after her husband passed away this year during ...
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