Lawton, OK Real Estate News

By Chad Smith
(Smith Auction & Realty)
With markets fast changing what is the best method to price real estate. In a declining market is an appraisal that uses homes that were sold 6 months ago accurate. If so how does the market decline. Over or Underpricing your a home could be devastating to the seller. If you over price the home it sits on the market, and gradually eats up the equity as the monthly holding costs (Payment, Insurance, Taxes, Maintenance, Etc) are paid out of your pocket. The end result is the home price drastically being dropped to make it sell or sitting on the market for months for the right buyer to come along. The seller is left with alot less money.If the home is underpriced the seller leaves money on the table. I don't know anyone who likes to hand out thousands of dollars. Especially for nothing. If...
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By Jay Kinder
(Kinder Reese Real Estate Advisors)
 This is the letter I sent out to my neighborhood I just moved to. Pecan Valley is one of our most prestigious areas and I want to be the agent of choice for that area.   Dear Pecan Valley Homeowner,  This is Jay Kinder and I am excited to say I now live here in Pecan Valley. Over the past 10 years I have sold many Pecan Valley homes and it is an honor and pleasure to live in one of Lawton's finest neighborhoods.  The purpose of this letter is to request your help in keeping the values of homes in our neighborhood on the rise. Real estate, for many of us, is our largest investment and I am genuinely interested in our investment in Pecan Valley and serving my clients with the utmost professionalism and sincerity.   To continue the trend of appreciation I would like you to consider consul...
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