Northpoint Meadows (Lewis Center, OH)
By Sam Cooper, Sam Cooper Howard Hanna Real Estate
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Northpoint Meadows Home Sale: Lewis Center Ohio 43035    There was 1 home sale in Northpoint Meadows Lewis Center Ohio within the last 6 months (June 15, 2011 to December 14, 2011).   That " Northpoint Meadows " home sale during that time frame was located at 8092 Orange Station Loop Lewis Center  Ohio 43035. 8092 Orange Station Loop sold for $204,000 and closed on July 15, 2011. This home sold in 103 days. The home pictured to the right is a home located in Northpoint Meadows Lewis Center Ohio, Delaware County.   The average selling price per square foot for Northpoint Meadows Lewis Center Ohio Home Sales during that time frame was $93.62. Those homes sold within 103 days on average.   If you know of anyone thinking of buying or selling a home in Lewis Center Ohio 43035, please have th...
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