Lakengren (Eaton, OH)
By Kelley Weimer, Preble County Ohio Real Estate & beyond
(Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill)
Yep...I've got a beef with Lakengren.  This doesn't happen too often.  I have lived in the Lakengren community (Lake Lakengren Eaton Ohio, Preble County) for 10 years now, and for the most part, I have loved almost every minute of it.  But, to be fair to myself and readers out there, I have to be honest in saying that sometimes things there just honk me off.  Things like politics that don't go how I would like them to, lack of voters showing up to have a voice in the community, drivers who seem to think the road in front of my house is a practice course for NASCAR, etc... And most recently, the roads.  Good grief!  I need to get a picture and put it on here.  East Lakengren Drive seems to be the worst.  Coming home yesterday, I was stopped by a sign that reads "hazardous road conditions...
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